Customized & Trendy RV Solar Solutions!



RAYGLEAM offers solar modules customized for recreational vehicles (RVs), designed to meet your electric power demands when you are on the road. Our flexible solar panels are different with the market .

Our flexible solar panel are different from the traditional crystalline silicon solar modules on the market, and also different from the panels to using Sunpower cells.  We use the latest shingled cell technology, and the most efficient PERC cells on the market for processing and production. Due to the prior advantages of shingling technology, low resistance, over 5400Pa of mechanical load, over 30 degrees of ultimate bending and shading have a low impact on power generation. All these make our flexible solar panel more higher 15%~20% efficient than the traditional flexible solar panel, and more than 30% cheaper than panels using Sunpower cells.

At the same time, we can customize according to customers' different size requirements. At present, we use two materials of high-performance TPT and ETFE for production, and we have two colors of black and white to choose from. 


♦ The latest Shingled PERC solar cells technology.

♦ Over 30 degrees of ultimate bending.

♦ Improved 15~20% power of output than the traditional panel.

♦ Minimizes the optical and resistive losses.

♦10 years workmanship and materials warranty

♦ OEM and ODM supported

Electrical Characteristics:

What is shingled cells technology advantage?

Shingled-cell technology, by cutting cells , these smaller currents will help reduce “Cell To Module" loss, which means higher output and more flexible.

The innovative shingled-cell technology allows no ribbon soldering internally and smaller branch current, so that internal resistance is lower, and increase the efficiency of the modules. The unique parallel design reduces the hot-spot effect significantly, and the gorgeous aesthetic appearance will bring different visual enjoyment.

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