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Foldable Solar Panel

The Foldable Series Solar Panels are quite possibly the most convenient portable solar system available on the market. Each unit is made to be weatherproof, UV resistant for up to 10 years of continuous use, and provide clean energy for all your portable electronics. This series is ideal for most outdoor activities and the expanded line of different units will ensure that you have the best cell for your purpose. The units are made to fold conveniently for storage and come with a female cigarette lighter adapter, great for charging electronics. Should you need to charge many different types of batteries, we offer a full line of authorized accessories to accommodate your needs. 

Key Features:

  • Highest efficiency Sunpower solar cells- 23.0%.

  • Use ETFE or PET materials for longer lifespan and resist the worse weather.

  • Use fabric materials to make more lighter, smaller and easier folding.

  • Support OEM & ODM customize service.

From 3W to 300W

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